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What a GREAT DAY at Canadian Martyrs!

Hey Crusaders!

The wind did not slow us down today at all!  We were able to have more than a dozen volunteers come in and help serve a hot Turkey lunch to our kids!  Even those that chose to NOT have Turkey, had the opportunity to gather with us and it was awesome!  The music was playing, the tables were decorated, and everyone wore their smiles!  We even had a special visitor!!!

What a great day!

A huge thank you to our Catholic School Council and our volunteers for making this all possible!   Without your continued support, events like this would not happen for our kids.  We are so appreciative of your time and efforts and can’t thank you enough!

The staff at Canadian Martyrs wishes all of you a safe and blessed Christmas holiday this year and we are looking forward to finishing strong this week and seeing everyone again in the new year!

Merry Christmas Crusaders!

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Turkey Lunch is today at Canadian Martyrs!

The weather outside is frightful.  The snow will be delightful.

Since our school is still open…let’s eat Turkey, let’s eat Turkey, let’s eat Turkey!

Today is the day Crusaders!  Bring your Christmas Sweater, wear your Christmas colours, bring a FORK and enjoy lunch with your friends!  We are so excited to have lunch as a school today!

See you soon Crusaders!  Drive and walk safely!

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Turkey Lunch and Eco-Club?

What can they possibly have in common?

Well, single-use cutlery is a major contributor to the climate problems that we experience each and every day.  At Canadian Martyrs, we are trying to be good stewards of the earth, so for our Turkey Lunch tomorrow we are asking that all students “BYOF” or “Bring Your Own Fork”.  Knives are not necessary for this lunch.

Please continue to do what you can each and every day for our planet.  Tomorrow, that means that if you are planning on receiving Turkey Lunch, BYOF!

Thanks Crusaders!

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Potential One Day Strike DOES NOT affect Canadian Martyrs…

Dear Crusaders,

The potential one day strike announced by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) will NOT affect WCDSB elementary and secondary schools.  Our school will be open as usual on Wednesday and running on a normal schedule.

Thanks Crusaders!

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Christmas Concert is Today!

Hey Parents!
Today is the day that we show off our skills at our Primary Christmas Concert!

We just wanted to let you know that we will be allowing parents to come down to the gym at 10:20am after our hallways are clear from recess.  If you arrive earlier than that, please wait in the foyer.

When the Christmas Concert is over, please respect the fact that our classes are in session and your children are still learning.  We ask that you exit through the doors by the Ring Road and do not head to the classrooms, as this causes a significant distraction to the day.  If you are planning on signing your children out after the concert, please come to the front entrance and speak with Mrs. Van Bargen.

Any questions, please ask at the office.


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Ring Road Safety and Canadian Martyrs…

December 9, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Student safety continues to be our first concern at Canadian Martyrs Elementary school.  In the interest of student safety, we want to provide you with this letter to remind you of the procedures that we need drivers to follow when using our “Kiss and Drop” ring road in the morning:

Due to the fact that this is a very busy, and often a high-volume drop off location, we ask that you please take your time and drive slowly.

Please make sure you are aware of and yield to our wheelchair accessible buses.

Ensure your children exit the vehicle on the passenger side onto the sidewalk; if there is not a spot available beside the sidewalk please wait your turn as opposed to creating a second lane of traffic.

As this is technically a “No Parking Zone”, we ask that parents do not leave your vehicle to walk your child to the yard. It needs to be used for quick drop-off’s.  If you need to walk your child to school, we ask that you utilize street parking to do so.

The use of the Ring Road and Parking Lot is not permitted for the end of the day dismissal.

The opportunity to use the Ring Road in the morning can be very convenient!  Please respect these rules and guidelines so that we can continue to allow for its use.  Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation in ensuring the safety of all students at Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office.


Sean Spitzig, Principal

Ring Road Useage – December 2019

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Important Information about the Canadian Martyrs Turkey Lunch!

Hey Crusaders!

Just wanted to share with you some important information about the Canadian Martyrs Annual Turkey Lunch!

  • It will be held on December 18, 2019
  • You can login to School Cash Online now and pay for the lunch.  The cost this year is $8.00, unless you have a JK/SK student – then the cost is $6.25.  This will be available online until December 11th, 2019.
  • All students will participate in the lunch – if you choose NOT to have turkey, we ask that you still join us for some great conversation – Please bring your lunch!
  • If you choose NOT to purchase the Turkey lunch, please go onto School Cash Online as select “No Thank You” and your option.  This will really help us with numbers.
  • Please volunteer to help if you can!  Come to the school at the time you indicated on the form that you can help and we will put you to work!
  • Our Eco-Team is asking that all students bring their reusable water bottle and a fork.  (No knives are necessary.)

A HUGE Thank you to our Catholic School Council for their support of this initiative!  Traditions like this help us to remember the true spirit of Christmas!  We are looking forward to it!

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Information about Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Dear Crusaders Community,

As you may have heard, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) has announced plans for a one-day strike on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

OSSTF does not represent any staff working in our elementary and secondary schools, therefore all Waterloo Catholic District School Board elementary and secondary schools will be open and running on their normal schedules tomorrow.

WCDSB teaching staff are represented by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA), and negotiations with the province are still on-going. We are hopeful the two sides will reach a fair and respectful collective agreement.

However, OSSTF does represent some staff working at our St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres, and the one day strike will result in the following programs and services being CLOSED on December 4:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at all campuses.
  • Language Instruction for New Canadians (LINC) classes at all campuses.
  • Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) classes – also known as CorE classes – at all campuses.
  • Spots for Tots childcare and LINC Childminding sites at both the both the Downtown Kitchener Main Campus and the Highland Road campus.

PLEASE NOTE: All other St. Louis programs will be running on normal schedules.

Thanks Crusaders!

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Canadian Martyrs Annual Turkey Lunch is back!

Dear Parents,

It is Turkey Time!  On Wednesday, December 18, 2019 we will once again enjoy our Annual Turkey Lunch for all students, staff and parish staff.  The menu will include turkey, corn, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and buns!

The cost per plate is again $8.00 this year.  Please make your payment on SchoolCash Online.  If you have a Kindergarten student, the cost is $6.25 due to portion sizes.

The goal of our Turkey lunch is to build togetherness and share a meal with our community.  If your child chooses NOT to purchase the Turkey lunch, please send them to school with a lunch from home.  All students will join us in the gym to share in great conversation, and build community.

We are looking forward to experiencing this tradition again this year.  If you have any questions, please contact the main office.

Stay Warm Crusaders!  Happy Holiday Season!

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