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Ash Wednesday marks the Beginning of the Lenten Season!

Dear Crusaders!

This week we will celebrate our Ash Wednesday liturgy on Wednesday, February 14 at 11:00am.  We will continue the conversation with our students about what the Lenten Season means for us.  It is a time to focus on Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

Prayer is such a valuable way to talk to God.  We will also focus on Christian Meditation so that we are able to quiet our minds so that we can hear what God wants to say to us.  We would encourage all families to talk about the process of Christian Meditation and engage in the practice at home.

Fasting is also so important during Lent.  We will be respecting our Catholic traditions and fasting as per usual, but we also want to encourage our students to “give something up”.  When we do this, our goal is to ensure that it will make someone’s life better.  Giving up candy is great for our health, but we are only helping others if we use the money that we spend on candy and donate to the less fortunate.  If we were to give up TV or other screens, we are only helping others if we use that time to help a neighbour, play a game with a brother or sister, or help out a little more around the house.  Please encourage your children to fast from something, but then also to ensure that it can help others.  This is how we can achieve our third focus, Almsgiving.

Donating money or time to those less fortunate is a great way to show respect to God, and to make our world a better place.  As the Lord’s prayer says “thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven…”  Let’s work hard this Lenten Season to make our Earth a little more like the kingdom of Heaven.

Have a Blessed Lenten Season Crusaders!

Canadian Martyrs Staff.

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