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Help us to Wrap a Mummy for Halloween!

Dear Crusaders!
We are just 2 weeks away from Halloween and we are trying to “Wrap our Mummies” by then!  Currently we have raised about $500 and we are off to a good start on our goal of $5000!

Please give generously and help us “Wrap our Mummies!”

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Monday…at Canadian Martyrs!

Dear Crusaders!
What a great day at Canadian Martyrs!  We were lucky with the weather and were able to get outside for recess, and so many Crusaders were making good decisions about staying out of the mud and water!  Well done Crusaders!


Please remember that our fundraiser is continuing this week.  We are looking for some small donations to add to the class baskets for the raffle, and we are selling raffle tickets and accepting donations for our fundraising goal of $5000!  Currently, in the first day or two, we have collected many items and almost $500!  We are looking forward to getting our baskets out for display and raising money to meet our goal!  We hope to “wrap our mummy” in time for Halloween!






Also, a big thank you to our parent volunteers who came in today to get our courtyard ready for fall.  So many plants needed to be cut back and so many weeds needed to be pulled!  It wouldn’t look so good unless we had dedicated volunteers like you!  Thank you so much to Laura, Lisa, Rita and Erin!  You are awesome and we are so grateful for you!



What a great day at Canadian Martyrs!

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Fundraiser is in Full Swing at Canadian Martyrs!

Dear Crusaders!

We wanted to say a huge “Thank You” for all of the donations that have come in already for the raffle prizes!  We are looking forward to arranging them into baskets next week and raffling them off at our Dance-a-thon on Halloween Day!

There have also been so many people that have donated so generously to our fundraiser this year!  We wanted to say a huge “Thank You” to you as well.  I know we have been asking a lot this year with the Terry Fox Run and the Thanksgiving Food Drive, but we would ask that you please help us out one more time and donate generously!  Our goal is to raise $5000 for our school so that we can continue to provide many things like recess equipment and games, rocks and trees to gather at outside and updated technology for our students!  Your contributions matter!

Have a great weekend Crusaders!  Keep collecting!

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Transportation Issues at Canadian Martyrs

Dear Crusaders,

We are fully aware of the transportation issues that we are continuing to have with both of our bus routes in the morning and at the end of the day.  One of our routes is experiencing new drivers due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.  As such, the new drivers are working to learn the routes and the kids.  At times, stops have been missed and most mornings, the bus has been late.  We want to apologize for this, as it can be very inconvenient.  We are so thankful for your patience and understanding as both the bus company and Student Transportation Services works to fix these issues.  It is our hope that a permanent driver will be assigned very soon, which will enable them to get to the route and the kids.

If there is an issue moving forward, please feel free to contact the school, but understand that there is very little that we can do other than pass your message on.  You can also contact Student Transportation Services directly at 519-650-4934.

Thanks again for your continued patience and support as we work through these issues.

Canadian Martyrs

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Annual Spook-a-thon Dance is back!

Good Morning Crusaders!

We have been asking a lot from you this year – and we thank you for answering the call!  Our Terry Fox totals and our Thanksgiving Food Drive totals are proof of the extremely generous community that we are a part of.  We are asking for your help again.

Each year, we are allowed to engage in one major fundraiser for our school.  We have had so much success with our Spook-a-thon Dance, that our Catholic School Council has once again, decided to go with it!  Realizing that we have been asking a lot to start the year, we are asking that you dig deep and help out Canadian Martyrs School by donating items for our raffle bins and money for raffle tickets.

Each classroom will select a theme and information will come home to each family.  We ask that donate some items that can be purchased at the dollar store, that matches the theme.  These donations will then be arranged into Halloween bins to be raffled off at our Dance.

Students are able to purchase raffle tickets for $1.00 each.  These tickets will be given out at school and the students will have the opportunity to drop them in the bins that they wish.  On October 31st, we encourage all students to wear costumes or black and orange and participate in our Halloween Spook-a-thon Dance!  After the dancing is done for the day, we will raffle off our prizes!

This has been a very successful fundraiser in the past, and we are setting a goal of $5000 as a school.  This works out to about $15.00 per student.  If you are able to donate more than that, we would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks Crusaders!  Please give generously!


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Thank you Canadian Martyrs Community!

Dear Crusaders Community!

It is with a great deal of gratitude that I can send this message!  Our community has once again demonstrated an extreme level of generosity and commitment to the common good.  Together, we were able to raise over $4300 for the Terry Fox campaign this year and we were also able to donate over 1330 food items to our local food bank through our Thanksgiving food drive!

This brings our 11 year total to over $60,000 donated to the Terry Fox foundation.  As for our food drives – the amount of items is staggering!

What an amazing day to be a member of the Canadian Martyrs community!

Thank you for your continued support at school, in our community and throughout the world!

Go Crusaders!

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Thanksgiving Food Drive is well underway!

Hey Crusaders!

We are about 1/3 of the way to our goal of 1200 food items for this year!  We are so happy to see all of the items that have brought in so far, but we need your help to reach our goal!  Keep giving generously Crusaders!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Greening Help Needed at Canadian Martyrs!

Hey Crusaders!
Please see the message below from your Catholic School Council!

Fall Beatification happening at Canadian Martyrs

As our seasons are changing hands from summer to fall, here at Canadian Martyrs our gardens are needing some tender loving care.

Whether you are a natural green thumb, a garden guru, or a kind heart that wishes to volunteer we would be honoured to have you as part of the team!

If you have a moment to spare and would not mind volunteering during the day to cut back much of the growth in our courtyard, we could really use your help.  If you are able to assist, any day, any time, please contact the office.  With your permission, Mr. Spitzig will send your contact information to us on council and we will make the necessary arrangements.

If you know of friends and neighbours who might be willing to assist, please forward them this information.

Please consider giving some of your time to keep Canadian Martyrs beautiful!

⁃ Your Parent Council

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