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Bullying Awareness Week at Canadian Martyrs – November 19-25

Good Morning Crusaders!

Anti-Bullying Week, or Bullying Awareness week kicks off on Monday.  All week we will be focusing on the roles involved in all bullying situations, we will share some books and analyze how characters are feeling, we will talk about bullying – what it is and what it isn’t, and we will hopefully refresh our minds about who we can go to for help, and learn some helpful strategies when dealing with others.

On Wednesday of this week, we will wear pink to show solidarity with those that have been bullied and those that feel alone.  On Friday we will wear our Spirit Wear as we celebrate the fact that, although the week is coming to an end, our focus on bullying is strong and long-lasting at Canadian Martyrs.  We will each have the opportunity to write down a goal that we can work towards in spite of the fact that our focus week is ending.  Look for this when you come into visit us!

Have conversations with your children all week about how they can be empowered to deal with their peers in an effective and positive manner.

Check out this link for an explanation from an expert about dominance behaviour and how we can deal with it if we find ourselves in a dominance situation.

Check out this link for a great way to disarm the negativity in a potential bullying situation.

As always, parents, please preview the video’s first and make your decision as to it’s appropriateness for your children.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!  Have a great week of conversation about Anti-Bullying!

Canadian Martyrs Staff

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