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Bus Safety Information from Canadian Martyrs!

Dear Crusaders,

Tomorrow we will have our annual bus evacuation drill.  The bus company will be here to talk to your children about bus safety and evacuation.  We will get a chance to practice a “front door evacuation” so that all students will know what to do in case they ever have an emergency while on a field trip or while riding the bus.

Please take some time to speak to your children – whether they are regular bus students or not – about bus safety and good behaviour while riding a school bus.  Yesterday, we broke it down to 4 easy steps: 1. Get on the bus; 2. Sit down; 3. Demonstrate the 3 R’s; 4. Get off the bus.  It is so important that students are sitting, facing the front, talking to their friends quietly and appropriately, and demonstrating Resiliency, Respect and Responsibility at all times when riding the bus.  I know that with some attention to this each year, we will be able to have a happy and safe bus ride – no matter where we are going!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office.


Canadian Martyrs Staff.

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