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Dress for the Weather Crusaders!

Good Morning Crusaders!

PLEASE make sure that you are looking at the weather for today!  Currently it is -10, and feels like -17!  There is snow on the ground!

PLEASE wear your hats and gloves, snow pants, boots – full winter gear!  We want everyone to have fun outside, but also to be safe and warm!  It is really cold and if the temperatures do what they are supposed to we WILL be going outside for our recesses!

For our decisions about the weather, we are following our school board policy (APH008) which states:

Cold Weather and Outdoor Breaks
When schools are open, special consideration must be given to the safety and well-being of students when they are outside at recess, lunch, or for other outdoor activities. The following temperatures (including windchill) and actions should be followed during winter months:

  • When the temperature is between -15°C and -19°C: students may remain outside for no longer than 20 minutes at a time
  • When temperatures are colder than -19°C: students must remain inside (Temperatures and conditions vary across the Region.)
  • The following website can be used to assess local conditions:

Principals may discuss shortening outdoor breaks and or keeping students inside with neighboring Catholic schools to ensure consistent application of these guidelines.

Happy Winter Friday Crusaders!

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