Dear Crusaders,

Yesterday, our staff and students participated in the first lock down drill of the year.  It is so important to practice these procedures so that if a situation were to arise, everyone at Canadian Martyrs is well trained in what to do.  Our staff and students reviewed the necessary procedures and when the drill took place, they all performed excellently.  I am so proud of all of our staff and students!

Today our school community participated in a Fire Drill.  The staff and students reacted perfectly and we were able to evacuate the building in a very safe and secure manner.  I would like to thank our staff for reviewing all necessary procedures with our students and executing these procedures in a quick, safe and professional manner.  It is so reassuring to know that all of our students are in such great hands!

As we continue our safety week, please have a conversation with your children about the importance of these drills at school and know that your children are in great hands!