Dear Crusaders!

We wanted to say a huge “Thank You” for all of the donations that have come in already for the raffle prizes!  We are looking forward to arranging them into baskets next week and raffling them off at our Dance-a-thon on Halloween Day!

There have also been so many people that have donated so generously to our fundraiser this year!  We wanted to say a huge “Thank You” to you as well.  I know we have been asking a lot this year with the Terry Fox Run and the Thanksgiving Food Drive, but we would ask that you please help us out one more time and donate generously!  Our goal is to raise $5000 for our school so that we can continue to provide many things like recess equipment and games, rocks and trees to gather at outside and updated technology for our students!  Your contributions matter!

Have a great weekend Crusaders!  Keep collecting!