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“Halloween Spook-a-thon” Dance-a-thon was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Dear Crusaders!

We had yet another clear example of the fantastic community that we are all a part of, yesterday.  Our Halloween Fundraiser – the Spook-a-thon – was a HUGE success and a lot of fun!  We were able to give away 40 Gift Baskets, award 3 classes for being the top earners, raise over $7300.00 for our school and dance all day!  What a great day!

Congratulations to our top-earning classes:  Mrs. Koenig and Mrs. Ceccomancini’s JK/SK class, Mrs. Evans’ grade 6 class and Mrs. Harris’ grade 7 class!  The reward lunches will be done this Friday, November 3,2017!

Congratulations to all of our basket winners – both students and community members!

Thanks to our Catholic School Council for all of their help organizing and thanks to “DJ Spencer” for spinning the vinyl and encouraging our kids to dance!

Canadian Martyrs Staff

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