Dear Crusader Community!

Tomorrow is our annual Turkey Lunch celebration at Canadian Martyrs.  This is an opportunity to gather at lunch and “break bread” together.  All students will gather in the gym to eat together.  If you have ordered the turkey lunch, it will be provided.  If you have not, please have your children bring their lunch.  All students will need to bring a drink should they feel it is necessary.

If you have ordered a Turkey Lunch, we would ask that you bring a fork from home.   As a part of our “Eco” initiative, we are trying to eliminate plastic cutlery.  We will have recyclable plates and napkins, and compost bins for food waste.  It will be a very “Eco-friendly” lunch!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful volunteers from our parent community that helped to organize and deliver an event like this.  Once again, we are looking forward to a great time of fellowship and togetherness at Canadian Martyrs.

Thanks for your continued support.

Canadian Martyrs Staff