Dear Crusaders!
What a great day at Canadian Martyrs!  We were lucky with the weather and were able to get outside for recess, and so many Crusaders were making good decisions about staying out of the mud and water!  Well done Crusaders!


Please remember that our fundraiser is continuing this week.  We are looking for some small donations to add to the class baskets for the raffle, and we are selling raffle tickets and accepting donations for our fundraising goal of $5000!  Currently, in the first day or two, we have collected many items and almost $500!  We are looking forward to getting our baskets out for display and raising money to meet our goal!  We hope to “wrap our mummy” in time for Halloween!






Also, a big thank you to our parent volunteers who came in today to get our courtyard ready for fall.  So many plants needed to be cut back and so many weeds needed to be pulled!  It wouldn’t look so good unless we had dedicated volunteers like you!  Thank you so much to Laura, Lisa, Rita and Erin!  You are awesome and we are so grateful for you!



What a great day at Canadian Martyrs!