Dear Crusaders,

Today is the day that we say “Goodbye” to our Pilgrimage Cross.  We are so thankful of the time we had to spend with the cross, and although it was short, it was meaningful!  There were so many great conversations and questions about the cross; where it has been; where it is going; and of course about our FAITH!

We are so thankful for the opportunity for our Grade 7’s to show their GRIT today since they will be walking it in such cold weather!  Dress warmly Grade 7’s!  Don’t forget your toque!

We would welcome any community members to Canadian Martyrs to be a part of the celebration.  We would ask that you join our lines of students as the cross makes its way out of the building and down the street.  As it passes, be reminded of our message to your children – take time to slow down, breathe and hear the voice of God in your heart.  He always walks with us!

Have a great Wednesday Crusaders!